Who are we?

Our mission

The creative industry has changed tremendously over recent years. Tried and trusted strategies of the past don’t translate well to the post-digital-revolution media landscape. It’s time to adapt to the new reality. We're Substandart and we're ready for that challenge.

We're not a normal agency (duh)

Substandart is a marketing agency that specialises in brand development and digital media production for artists, events, brands, labels & cultural institutions. We don’t want you to “just make some funny TikToks” and bend over backwards to fit in with the current trends. We focus on who you really are & what makes you special. We then leverage that to work out a strategy that not only works, but also FEELS right. A great story & being true to oneself is what makes or breaks a remarkable artist. We create brands that feel just like that: unique, yet authentic.

What do we do?

Strategy planning

We create complex marketing strategies for various releases, events and campaigns. We also help in forming general growth strategies for any artist or business. To put it simply - you tell us about your vision. We find a way to use your resources to the fullest and achieve your goals.

Media production

We are a one-stop-shop for all of your media production needs. We produce digital and physical media such as videos, music, photos, websites, social media content, articles, prints and much more. We make it happen.

Brand development

We help in developing brands from the ground up, as well as strengthening existing brands. We zoom out and look at the bigger picture: the story that you want to tell to the world. Then we work out how this influences everything else - your persona, marketing activities, the style of your campaigns and any media that we release.

Marketing & public relations

We conduct marketing and PR campaigns for all sorts of projects - both digital and in the real world. We make a lot of noise and help your audience find their way to you.


For musicians and podcasters working with us we offer distribution of their work on all of the most popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music & Podcasts, Deezer, Tidal and many more. We make sure that your art reaches the right people and gets the love it deserves.

Project management

We are happy to take over the coordination of your projects, such as releases and campaigns, so that you can focus on what matters the most: your creative work. Tell us about your ideas and we will bring them to life, as smoothly and stress-free as possible for you.

Whose idea was this?

Maria Brachmanska is a creative director and digital media producer based in Vienna, Austria. She specialises in the music and audio industry, but has always had an interest in all things artistic and beautiful. She has worked on a wide range of projects, including award-winning branding, social media strategies for artists and companies, music videos and more. Having become acquainted with many artists and creative people from different walks of life, she saw the need to provide them with the right tools that would allow them to grow and thrive. With zero compromises on their independence, authenticity and artistic freedom. That's how the idea for Substandart was born.

Our process

1 Learning about your vision and ideas

First of all, we want to get to know you. We find out who you *really* are, what kind of projects are on your mind and what you want to achieve in the long run.

2 Working on your brand and strategy

We distill the knowledge from the first phase and find a fitting persona & messaging style that suit both you and your project. Then we decide what steps we need to take to achieve our goals.

3 Implementing the concept

Lastly, we get down to business and carry out your project according to what we have established in the previous phases. Together we create something awesome that we're proud of.

FAQ (you)

Why should I care about my brand? + -

Your brand encompasses all the elements that make you memorable. It's about how your art is perceived and experienced. Creating a strong brand leverages your personal and artistic identity and helps you stand out in the crowd.

Who do you work with? + -

We work with independent artists in whom we see viral potential, but above all intrinsic motivation and a strong mindset. In addition to this, we collaborate with a variety of companies in the creative industry that need expert support in digital marketing, branding and media production.

How much do your services cost? + -

The cost of each project is individual, depending on the complexity and resources needed. Get in touch - we'd love to talk about your project and see what can be done.

Are you a label in sheep’s clothing? + -

For the independent musicians who work with us, we also offer distribution of their music. We do this because we believe that in a democratised music industry, everyone should be able to release their music without being tied down for years to a huge corporation. The difference between us and a typical label is that we bill for our services like a normal company and don't want to see a broken penny of your royalties. They belong to you.

Is it only about music? + -

No! Even though we specialise in the music industry, we are happy to provide marketing services to any creative business or artist.

show the world your unique & creative side